Aruba Networks' solutions support the integration of 802.11ac first and foremost - the new WLAN standard enables companies to run their processes at gigabit speeds. In addition, bandwidth can be distributed more effectively, making interference or crippling web applications a thing of the past.

In addition to increased performance through numerous management features, Aruba solutions also enhance wireless network security. By leveraging contextual data such as user identity, device type, application load, location and time, security and quality of service (QoS) policies can be implemented in the enterprise. These can be enforced on individual devices and applications across the network.

A fully wireless workplace enables location-independent communication and mobile delivery of business applications. In addition, BYOD initiatives are supported securely and reliably, and thanks to automation and centralization, the IT department benefits from a reduced workload.

Instead of spending more and more money on wired networks, many of our customers have invested in a completely wireless workplace and achieved significant savings. This is the path Aruba has taken - and the results have been outstanding.

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