Zimperium offers a comprehensive mobile endpoint security solution that enables threat detection and defense directly on the device without the need to send data to a cloud. This approach ensures data protection and fast response times for threat detection and defense. Particularly noteworthy is the machine-based learning that Zimperium uses to effectively combat both known and unknown threats.

Another deciding factor for choosing Zimperium is their ability to provide seamless integrations with existing enterprise systems such as MDM, XDR and SIEM. This enables a comprehensive view of security threats and improved incident response capabilities. The platform helps organizations implement efficient security measures without compromising the user experience.

Zimperium's commitment to data protection and ease of use, coupled with their advanced threat detection and defense, makes them an ideal partner for your security to fully protect mobile endpoints while maintaining employee privacy.

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Why Zimperium?

  1. Comprehensive on-device threat detection:
    Zimperium uses machine learning to detect threats directly on the device, which means no need to send sensitive data to a cloud for analysis. This on-device detection capability ensures that user privacy is maintained while enabling a fast response time to security threats.
  2. Integration with existing enterprise systems:
    Zimperium's solutions integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise security systems such as MDM, XDR and SIEM. This compatibility makes it easier for companies to strengthen and centralize their mobile security architecture without having to implement new systems.
  3. Data protection and compliance:
    Zimperium places great importance on data protection and supports companies in meeting strict data protection guidelines and compliance requirements. The "Privacy by Design" approach ensures that the privacy of end users is also protected when using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) guidelines.
  4. Advanced threat detection and response capabilities:
    Zimperium provides not only threat detection, but also advanced response capabilities to effectively combat threats. The platform enables security teams to identify critical threats and initiate automated threat response actions.
  5. Industry-leading technology:
    Zimperium is recognized as a technology leader in industry analyses and has received high ratings for its technological excellence and customer impact in reviews such as Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.
  6. Specialization in mobile security:
    Unlike other security providers who may cover different IT security areas, Zimperium focuses exclusively on mobile security. This focus enables deeper expertise and customized solutions for mobile threats.

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