Monitoring specialist in Cologne


As a LanCologne customer, you have direct access to extensive knowledge. Whether you are a customer of the LanCologne Datacenter or want to have your own servers looked after - LanCologne identifies the need for IT resources in the interests of your company and takes care of everything else.

LanCologne goes one step further than most other providers: In addition to operating the hardware, the operating systems and middleware in use are also maintained and monitored.

LanCologne is able to monitor all common services running on your servers and take appropriate action in case of deviations from the states defined as normal. Depending on the agreed service level, LanCologne employees are informed about such status changes and can start analyzing the possible problem within the defined response times.

Remote management

Modern server technology is designed in such a way that its maintenance does not necessarily have to be carried out on site. The lion's share of all management tasks can be realized remotely via secure data connections. LanCologne has the necessary experience to monitor and maintain complex hosting solutions through the operation of its own data center.