Why Sumuri?

All Mac operating systems create an additional database with information about all files that can answer important questions and solve complicated cases.

Apple Extended Metadata can provide you with much more information: Who sent a file, when was it downloaded, how was it received, when was it viewed, was it opened by a human, when was it deleted, and much more.

Sumuri was the first company to identify, analyze and evaluate Apple Extended Metadata, enabling it to reconstruct a complete and accurate timeline of the crime.

SUMURI is an award-winning digital forensics company based in the state of Delaware in the United States.

SUMURI was founded in July 2010 by Steve Whalen, a retired Certified Forensic Computer Examiner and State Trooper, and his wife Ailyn. SUMURI is known for developing innovative and cutting-edge forensic software and hardware, as well as providing expert forensic training and services.

IT forensics software and hardware solutions

SUMURI is a global leader in IT forensics solutions. Their software and hardware provide investigators, security professionals and enterprises with robust and advanced digital evidence collection tools. With high performance and precision, they are the trusted choice for IT forensics professionals.

RECON ITR combines Bootable and Live Imaging options in one. An indispensable tool for anyone who needs to backup and capture data from all Intel & Silicon macOS computers.

RECON ITR is suitable for both novice and advanced investigators. With limitless reporting options, you'll get quick answers in seconds.

RECON's it forensic solutions are built natively on the macOS platform to natively support the imaging and triaging of a Mac. With RECON ITR, you don't have to wait for answers like you do with other solutions. RECON ITR performs triage and analysis using the same tool. With RECON ITR, you don't have to collect data with one tool and then buy another tool for analysis. You get the answers you need immediately.

See the artifacts which are overlooked by other it forensic tools ...

RECON LAB is SUMURI's latest flagship it-forensic program, designed with common sense in mind.

You wouldn't trust a doctor with an operation if you knew he had only looked at half of your medical findings. As an it forensic investigator, why would you continue to use tools that overlook readily available data?

Here at SUMURI, we take great pride in building the best IT forensics workstations. All of our TALINOs are developed by certified it forensic investigators because we believe that someone who knows forensics best understands what the modern investigator needs!

With our unique and proprietary enclosure, we achieve three main goals:

  1. Separation of electrically sensitive components from those that generate more electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  2. Since the entire case is made of aluminum, we can use its entire surface to distribute and dissipate the heat.
  3. Our proprietary chassis grid system allows the attachment of 3D-printed accessories, which can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

All these features ensure that your TALINO runs as smoothly as possible, is extremely versatile and has a long service life.

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