When small and medium-sized businesses want to implement mobile connectivity, wireless LAN has proven to be an advantageous choice and has now also demonstrated its stability. Aspects of the ZyXEL added value are the stability and innovative structure. Companies thus receive scalable and multifunctional WLAN solutions.

ZyXEL's extensive portfolio of standalone, unified/unified pro and controller-managed access points meets any need in any environment. ZyXEL's access points for ceiling mounting, surface cable ducts and even for outdoor use offer optimal WLAN expansion and coverage.

Internet access for mobile devices is in high demand. This makes WLANs with high scalability and centralized management necessary for wireless device deployments. ZyXEL's NXC5500, a next-generation WLAN controller, is able to flexibly expand networks and meet various deployment requirements with excellent AP compatibility. In addition, the NXC5500 can centralize WLAN management to reduce additional overhead. The NXC5500 is easy to use and scalable. Hotels, educational institutions, department store chains, and small and medium businesses can configure network solutions that meet their specific needs.

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