Intel quality and performance combined with energy efficiency!

Intel, as the market leader in the processor market, provides the "brain" for all LanCologne products as a technological partner in order to offer our customers the highest possible performance and quality.

Thanks to the performance of Intel processors, our virtual servers learn to fly and at the same time inspire us with the quality and energy efficiency and our customers with the performance and stability.

The same applies to all Intel processors offered in our dedicated servers without exception.

Small format, great potential

The Intel® NUC is an energy-efficient, full-featured PC that not only fits your performance needs, but also fits in the palm of your hand.

The perfect solution for almost everything

From set-top boxes to video surveillance, from home entertainment systems to digital signage - you don't have to look for an application opportunity for Intel® NUC, you just have to choose one.

From home theater systems to digital signage solutions: Find out how others are using the space-saving Intel® NUC in home or business environments.

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