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Whether in the corporate sector, law enforcement or the military, the challenges faced by digital forensics investigators can be all too common. In today’s complex environment, investigators need to rapidly extract and analyse data from an overwhelming number of digital devices, sift through massive amounts of data to pinpoint critical evidence and manage the challenges brought about by the limited availability of resources. Even organisations with access to the right talent struggle to leverage the right tools – often leading to larger backlogs and delays. Many teams still rely on time-consuming data extraction and analytical processes and depend on specialist labs – making the path to justice difficult to navigate. Luckily, overcoming these issues could be simpler than you think.

The Solution for Streamlined Digital Forensics Investigations

Detego Global, the company behind the award-winning Unified Digital Forensics Platform, has built its ecosystem specifically to tackle the complexities that today’s investigators face.

Working hand-in-hand with investigators in the military, law enforcement, corporate sector and intelligence agencies, Detego Global has created a four-pronged approach to fast-tracking investigations.

R: Rapid data extraction:
Detego Global has developed rapid forensic imaging tools to enable investigators to securely collect data – drastically reducing the resources and time taken to collect and process information. The company also has patents for the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool (capable of imaging 1 TB in under 8 minutes) and continues to build on its successes in this field.

E: Enabling on-scene investigations:
Labs aren’t always available for rapid digital forensics investigations. Detego Global’s tools are therefore developed to support lab-based agents and front-line teams alike. The use of guided menus and an intuitive user interface means that even non-technical front-line agents can use this technology to carry out forensically sound investigations with a 30-minute training – this, in turn, helps reduce the strain on specialist teams and labs.

A: Automation:
The Detego platform has automation at its core. Advanced AI-powered workflow automation and machine learning capabilities help users automate time-consuming tasks such as data acquisition, triage, analysis and link building so that investigators can focus on building strong cases.

A: AI-powered analytics:
When investigations involve sifting through massive volumes of data, Detego Global’s AI-powered analytical tools can help investigators rapidly scan data and identify, classify and highlight critical information. With features such as OCR, Photo DNA, hash matching, instant decryption of passwords and more, Detego Global.

Why Detego?

  • Ballistic Imager:
    Selected as a finalist for the coveted Best Computer Forensic Solution award by SC Magazine in 2022, this tool leverages patented technology to rapidly secure data from computers, laptops and servers 4x faster than the industry average.
  • Field Triage:
    By winning the UK’s Security and Innovation award in 2022, this highly portable tool demonstrated that it’s perfect for investigating data on a range of devices including computers, laptops and loose media. It uses a patented red-amber-green visual alert system to identify and alert users of data related to investigations without running extensive data extraction and analytical processes.
  • Media Acquisition:
    The Media Acquisition tool streamlines investigations by rapidly and simultaneously analysing, collecting and securing data from various removable devices.
  • Detego MD:
    Users can quickly and easily extract data from tens of thousands of mobile phone models, as well as a variety of drones, wearables, IoT devices and mobile applications with Detego MD.
  • Remote Acquisition:
    This tool enables rapid imaging and data extraction across networked environments, with the option to quickly resume extractions from cut-off points in the event of network failures, as well as the ability to forensically secure data from loose media connected to networked devices.
  • Detego Fusion:
    Helps any investigator to rapidly build reports, with accurate data analysis and AI-powered tools to help identify missing links between people, places, devices and cases.
  • Detego Analyse:
    Leverages the power of AI to automatically analyse digital information and data in a fraction of the time. Detego Analyse turns countless sources of distributed data into comprehensive, court-ready reports.


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