Ubiquiti is an American manufacturer of professional and highly scalable WLAN solutions. We always use Ubiquiti when we need to set up WLAN coverage over several floors or long distances. Ubiquiti currently holds the world record with its AirFiberX products and still delivers a bandwidth of 155Mbit per second over a distance of 225 kilometers!

airFiber is primarily intended for Internet providers who want to implement wireless connections. The technology operates in the free frequency range of 24 GHz and achieves a data throughput of more than 1.4 GBit/s. At the same time, airFibre is significantly cheaper than laying fiber-optic lines. The maximum range of the microwave links is 14 km.

Ubiquiti Networks relies on a dual-antenna design that allows the use of techniques such as Frequency Division Duplex, Time Division Duplex and Ubiquiti's patent-pending Hybrid Division Duplex mode. Low latency is achieved even at longer distances by having both communication partners send packets simultaneously, so the receiver does not have to wait for a packet to arrive. To be able to optimize the system later with firmware updates, Ubiquiti equips the modules with flexible FPGAs. Installation of the combined receiver and transmitter modules is very simple thanks to an RSSI indicator and can be done by a single person. Thanks to integrated GPS receivers, position and timing parameters are calculated automatically.

Here are just a few of the benefits of an Ubiquiti Unifi installation:

  • arbitrarily scalable
  • central management
  • detailed statistics
  • automatic firmware upgrades
  • Wireless Mesh (Wireless Uplink)
  • WLAN groups
  • Multiple WLANs (SSIDs)
  • Guest Portal / Hotspot Support
  • Events and
  • Notifications
  • (Zero-Handoff) Roaming
  • Support for multiple sites (locations) for one management software
  • Support for maps and floor plans
  • VLAN support

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