FAW is the first, the best known and most used forensic browser worldwide. Developed in 2011, it is a reference point in the industry and is used by technical consultants, lawyers and control authorities.

FAW is the only forensic browser in the world that guarantees the authenticity, conformity and immutability of captured web pages. All the software has been developed in accordance with national and international legislation, scientific articles and the best practices of digital forensics.

All data collected with FAW has legal value and can be used in court

FAW is a software that includes a set of tools to capture any type of website: static and dynamic, CMS, mobile, e-commerce, social network, dark web, intranet, etc.

FAW makes the content capture process simple by doing it for you. The entire capture process is fully software managed to avoid the risk of human error typical of manual procedures and guarantees the indisputable validity of the data collected.

Why FAW?

  • Easy to use
    It works like a web browser. Anyone, even users without any IT knowledge, can collect digital evidence independently.
  • Secure storage
    All files are stored on your computer and can be accessed offline whenever you want.
  • Specific date
    Every document you download has a specific and certified date.
  • Legal validity
    Recognized by the computer forensics community as a standard. All documents downloaded with FAW are legally valid.
  • Unlimited acquisitions
    You can repeat the acquisitions as often as you like. Once the license has been purchased, there are no restrictions on use.
  • Used by law enforcement agencies
    Most law enforcement agencies in the world rely on the law enforcement version to store data on the prosecution's servers.

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