Compelson is known for innovative products like MOBILedit. Their phone forensics tools started the cell phone content analysis industry in 1996. They later expanded their offering to include smartwatch forensic analysis.

Today, their tools are used by law enforcement, military and investigators in over 160 countries. Compelson's goal is to develop powerful applications for all user groups and always remains innovative.

Compelson MOBILedit Forensic Express is a versatile application that acts as a data extractor for cell phones and cloud accounts. Additionally, it acts as a data analyzer and report generator. This powerful 64-bit application applies both physical and logical analysis methods extremely efficiently. With the integrated Application Analyzer, GPU-assisted Password and PIN Breaker, and the Deleted Data Recovery feature, MOBILEdit provides all the necessary tools to evaluate cell phones instantly and easily.

Moreover, the software allows analyzing ADB (Android Data Bridge) backups and iTunes backups. It supports a wide range of cell phones, from older models to current devices. The support is continuously updated and extended with live updates.

With granularly adjustable reports and an intuitive user interface, MOBILEdit is a true multi-function tool. In addition, multithreading enables the simultaneous analysis of multiple devices.

Compelson Mobile Edit is extremely cost-effective compared to other products. Due to its data compatibility with industry standards, it can also be used to complement existing Mobile Analysis packages. Request a no-obligation quote today. Also note the possibility of integrating Camera Ballistics for origin analysis of photos.

Investigators face a variety of data types in forensic data analysis. Learn here what data can be extracted, analyzed and presented. However, the amount of data extracted depends on the model of the phone, its operating system, and its condition.

Unbeaten in the NIST test:

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed a method to test forensic tools for mobile devices and measure the reliability of the products available on the market. In this test, Compelson Mobile Edit performed outstandingly and proved to be a highly reliable and powerful tool for forensic data analysis of mobile devices.

The NIST approach is based on accepted methods for conformance and quality testing. Although NIST regularly conducts comprehensive quality testing for all known tools in the telephone forensics industry, for this particular review we considered the most recent test results from competing tools that were available for that time period.

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