What are the possibilities of automation and control in a building? There is a simple answer here - an infinite number! When planning a home / building control, many customers have various requirements and wishes in mind. Which of these should be implemented later is often the crucial question and LanCologne would like to present just a few examples here.

Examples and possibilities of home automation

  • Control of shutters and blinds via actuators/sensors: switching, phase protection from sunlight, group control of several blinds, time-controlled switching
  • Light control: switching, motion detector, dimming, time-controlled switching
  • Heating control: switching, temperature control, time-controlled heating
  • Switching sockets and time-controlled switching
  • Garage door control via actuators/sensors

However, automation would be nothing without a reliable and secure central station that provides access to functions and settings.

Central station requirements and functions

  • Retrieval and status change via SMS and cell phone or eMail as well as remote control on the road via internet, PC, mobile app
  • Retrieval of the current energy consumption
  • Screensaver with your own pictures
  • RSS feed reader, weather display, etc.
  • Notepad function
  • Integration of an alarm system
  • Camera function (for monitoring the home)
  • uPnP function (DLNA)
  • Use as a baby monitor in the nursery
  • Control of the music system which intelligently changes the room with you

Based on these examples, almost infinite possibilities for comfortable living/working can be created. The dimmed switching of the light via motion detectors in the hallway to find the nightly walk to the toilet is still almost nothing. Are the shutters set to 08:15 on weekends to go up ? Even the control of the heating system via mobile apps has nowadays long outgrown its infancy and many buildings can often be retrofitted more cost-effectively than assumed. Here LanCologne would like to accompany and support you with its know-how..... don't hesitate to get expert advice from LanCologne.