Datapilot is a leading mobile forensics company known for its innovative and powerful data extraction and analysis solutions. With years of experience and deep expertise in the field of digital forensics, Datapilot provides tools that are used by law enforcement agencies, security organizations and enterprises worldwide.

Products and solutions

Datapilot's flagship product, DPX, is an advanced tool for the forensic investigation of mobile devices. DPX offers an impressively high success rate in recovering deleted and lost data, supports a wide range of devices and operating systems and is known for its user-friendly interface.

Significance in mobile forensics

  1. High success rate for data recovery:
    DPX uses advanced algorithms to recover valuable information even in complex cases. This capability is crucial for successfully solving crimes.
  2. Comprehensive device support:
    Datapilot supports the latest models of Android and iOS devices, allowing forensic professionals to effectively analyze a variety of mobile devices.
  3. Ease of use:
    DPX's intuitive user interface reduces the learning curve and allows both novice and experienced forensic professionals to become productive quickly.
  4. Fast and efficient analysis:
    Datapilot products are known for their speed and efficiency. This is particularly advantageous in time-critical investigations.
  5. Security and data protection standards:
    Datapilot meets the highest security and data protection standards, making the handling of sensitive data secure and legally compliant.

Datapilot is an indispensable partner in mobile forensics. Their advanced tools and technologies provide unparalleled support in solving digital crimes and recovering data. Through continuous innovation and a strong focus on user needs, Datapilot remains at the forefront of mobile forensics, helping organizations worldwide to successfully conduct their investigations.

This presentation underlines Datapilot's expertise and importance in the field of mobile forensics and shows why its solutions are valued and used worldwide.

Application examples

These examples illustrate the effectiveness and value of Datapilot's products in modern forensic investigation.

  • Identity theft case:
    In a high-profile identity theft case, Datapilot's forensics tools helped extract critical evidence from the suspect's mobile devices. The data collected led to the identification and arrest of the perpetrators.
  • Child pornography investigation:
    In a large-scale child pornography investigation, Datapilot products were used to recover data from the cell phones of several suspects. This evidence was crucial for the prosecution and conviction of the offenders.
  • Drug trafficking:
    While investigating a drug smuggling ring, police used Datapilot's technologies to analyze communications and transactions on mobile devices. The evidence gathered helped to dismantle the network and led to several arrests.
  • Financial fraud:
    In one financial fraud case, Datapilot products were used to recover deleted messages and transaction data from the suspects' smartphones. This information was crucial for the conviction of those involved.
  • Murder case:
    In a murder case, Datapilot's forensic tools helped extract important evidence from the victim's and suspect's cell phones. This evidence played a key role in solving the case and convicting the perpetrator.

Datapilot works with various law enforcement and security agencies to support their investigative work. Here are five of the best-known authorities with which Datapilot cooperates:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI):
    The FBI uses advanced forensic tools to collect and analyze evidence in a variety of investigations, including terrorism, cybercrime, and serious crimes.
  • United States Secret Service (USSS):
    The Secret Service uses Datapilot products to investigate threats against heads of state and combat financial crimes such as counterfeiting and credit card fraud.
  • Europol:
    The European police authority Europol uses mobile forensic tools from Datapilot to investigate and combat cross-border crimes such as human trafficking, drug trafficking and cybercrime.
  • Scotland Yard (Metropolitan Police Service):
    The Metropolitan Police in London use Datapilot technology to support their investigations in areas such as counter-terrorism, serious crime and digital forensics.
  • Interpol:
    The International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol, relies on Datapilot's products to support its global efforts to combat international crime, including human trafficking, drug trafficking and terrorism.

These collaborations demonstrate the trust and importance that Datapilot products enjoy in the global law enforcement community.

Why Datapilot?

  • Highest data recovery rate:
    DPX uses advanced algorithms and technologies to ensure an impressively high success rate in recovering deleted and lost data. This means that even in complex and challenging cases, valuable information can be recovered.
  • User-friendly interface:
    DPX offers an intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface that is ideal for both beginners and experienced forensic professionals. This reduces the learning curve and enables users to quickly become productive and achieve effective results.
  • Comprehensive device support:
    The product supports a wide range of mobile devices, including the latest models of Android and iOS. This comprehensive support ensures that forensic scientists can work with a wide range of devices without encountering compatibility issues.
  • Fast and efficient analyses:
    DPX is designed for speed and efficiency. It offers fast scanning and analysis so that forensic experts can access and process important data in the shortest possible time. This is particularly invaluable in time-critical situations.
  • Security and data protection standards:
    DPX meets the highest security and privacy standards, which is of paramount importance when handling sensitive data. This gives users the certainty that their investigations comply with the applicable legal and ethical requirements.

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