Paraben Corporation

Paraben Corporation is a leading digital forensics and cyber security company. Founded in 1999, Paraben has made a name for itself with its innovative and comprehensive solutions that cover a wide range of digital evidence. The company offers specialized tools and services for the investigation of mobile devices, computers, cloud data and IoT devices.

With a strong focus on the needs of law enforcement, enterprises and cyber security professionals, Paraben offers advanced software solutions that are both powerful and easy to use. Paraben's outstanding products include solutions for in-depth analysis of file systems, recovery of deleted data and forensic investigation of network activity.

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Paraben Corporation, a leading provider of digital forensic solutions. This collaboration enables us to offer our customers even more comprehensive and advanced solutions that meet the highest standards of IT forensics.

Paraben Corporation brings decades of experience and innovation to our partnership. Their cutting-edge tools and technologies perfectly complement our existing portfolio and offer our customers even more opportunities to successfully conduct digital investigations.

This partnership is of great importance to us as it strengthens our ability to respond to the growing and changing needs of our clients. Together with Paraben Corporation, we are able to provide you with the best possible solutions and services you need for your forensic challenges.

We are confident that this partnership will be of great benefit to both us and our customers and look forward to bringing you the latest innovations and best-in-class solutions from Paraben Corporation.

Paraben Corporation is used by a variety of law enforcement and security agencies worldwide. Here are some of the most prominent agencies that rely on Paraben's forensic solutions:

  1. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI):
    The FBI uses Paraben Corporation's solutions to investigate and analyze digital evidence in various criminal cases, including cybercrime and terrorism.
  2. Department of Homeland Security (DHS):
    DHS uses Paraben's technologies to identify and combat threats to national security. This also includes investigations in the area of cybercrime.
  3. United States Secret Service (USSS):
    The Secret Service uses Paraben Corporation's tools to detect and investigate financial crimes and threats against heads of state.
  4. Europol:
    The European police authority Europol uses Paraben's solutions to combat cross-border crimes such as human trafficking, drug trafficking and cybercrime.
  5. Interpol:
    Interpol relies on Paraben Corporation's technologies to support its global investigative efforts to combat international crimes, including terrorism and organized crime.

These agencies rely on Paraben Corporation's solutions to collect and analyze accurate and reliable digital evidence that is critical in legal proceedings.

Why Paraben Corporation?

  1.  Comprehensive range of solutions:
    Paraben Corporation offers a wide range of forensic solutions covering multiple areas including mobile, computer and cloud forensics. This diversity allows customers to cover all their forensic needs with a single provider.
  2. Innovative technologies:
    Paraben Corporation is known for its advanced and innovative technologies. Their tools are state of the art and offer powerful features that significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of forensic investigations.
  3. Ease of use:
    Paraben Corporation's products are known for their user-friendly interfaces and ease of use. Even complex forensic tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.
  4. Reliability and accuracy:
    Paraben Corporation has earned a reputation for the reliability and accuracy of its products. Customers can rest assured that the evidence collected is accurate and usable in court, which is critical in legal proceedings.
  5. Excellent customer service and support:
    Paraben Corporation provides first-class customer service and technical support. Customers receive fast and competent support, which is particularly beneficial in critical situations and urgent investigations.

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