Why Eyedea?

Eyedea is a company specializing in visual recognition technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Eyedea was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) by a group of researchers from the Center for Machine Perception. The company offers products for the traffic sector, biometrics, anonymization and general object recognition and tracking in image and video data. Customers include partners worldwide who integrate Eyedea's software products into their own end systems. Eyedea attaches great importance to the ethical use of AI technologies and donates a portion of its profits to non-commercial organizations.

The product range includes, among other things:

  • Traffic: Recognition of vehicle types and models, license plate reading, detection of distracted drivers and unbuckled seat belts, passenger counting and more.
  • Biometrics: facial recognition, recognition of facial features (age, gender, emotions, etc.) and biometric identification from videos in uncontrolled environments.
  • Anonymization: Anonymization of faces and vehicle license plates in image data to comply with the GDPR

Eyedea has built a presence across five continents in 37 countries with over 200 customers and agencies in 16 years of business and is a leader in providing AI-powered visual analytics technology, such as automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) and vehicle make and model recognition (MMR).

Eyedea emphasizes that their products and solutions are based on the state of the art in artificial intelligence and machine learning and are verified in practice with their partners, indicating that they place great emphasis on the effectiveness and reliability of their technologies.


1. technological expertise:
Eyedea was founded as a spin-off from the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), which ensures deep roots in academic and technological research. The founders and the team bring extensive knowledge from the field of machine perception, which enables Eyedea to stay at the cutting edge of AI and machine learning.

2. wide range of applications:
Eyedea's product portfolio covers a wide range of applications, including traffic, biometrics, anonymization and general object detection and tracking in image and video data. This diversity makes Eyedea a versatile partner for different industries and requirements.

3. global presence and experience:
With customers in 37 countries across five continents, Eyedea has a broad international presence and experience. This global reach speaks to the company's ability to understand and meet cultural and regional requirements.

4. high success rate and reliability:
Eyedea places great emphasis on the effectiveness and reliability of its technologies. The products are at the cutting edge of research in AI and machine learning, which ensures a high success rate in visual recognition systems and makes them the best in the industry.

5. ethics and social commitment:
Eyedea takes a responsible stance towards the use of AI technologies and has established a code of ethics to prevent abuse and violations of privacy and human rights. The company also donates a portion of its profits to charitable causes, which underlines its commitment to a healthy society

6. adaptability and support:
In addition to ready-made software products, Eyedea offers customized solutions that are specifically tailored to customers' needs. The company supports its partners worldwide with full integration, ensuring smooth implementation and use of its products

7. leading expertise:
One of Eyedea's co-founders, Prof. Jirí Matas, is the top-rated Czech computer scientist according to Research.com, which underlines the high level of expertise within the company

These arguments make Eyedea an attractive choice for organizations that are looking for advanced visual recognition solutions and value quality, reliability, ethics and tailored support.

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