TÜV-certified IT forensic expert in Cologne

IT Forensics

As a TÜV-certified IT forensic expert in Cologne, we are qualified to carry out complex assessments in information technology and to prepare court-usable expert reports or forensic evaluations from the information obtained.

Do you have the feeling that important data has been lost in your company or in your private life or that there has been a data misuse? Then only quick action with professional support can help.

Our forensics team can be reached at 0221 64306610.

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While many internal IT departments or administrators are often not trained for such incidents, we offer you a fast and perfect safeguarding of digital evidence. Our analyses are performed by certified, experienced forensic experts using special software and hardware in a professional manner that can be used in court.

You have a reasonable suspicion?

In suspicious cases, you should neither access the respective devices, let alone shut them down. This would result in the loss of important data and evidence. Rather, call in a trusted IT forensic expert immediately so that the course of events can be reconstructed as accurately as possible.

As a TÜV-certified IT forensic expert in Cologne, we can be reached at any time on 0221 - 64306610, Deutsche Telekom landline! Describe your problem to us.


Whether computers, laptops, servers, NAS systems, USB sticks or other storage media, our IT Forensic services provide you with fast data backups as well as forensic evaluations.


In the mobile sector, we guarantee the backup and forensic analysis of mobile devices and smartphones/tablets (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.). In addition, we offer you services such as the removal of the permanently installed flash memory of your damaged devices or the testing and debugging of integrated circuits (JTAG).


With professional, forensic procedures, we can, under certain conditions, also secure data stored on a cloud and prepare it for further analysis.

Smart Home

Nowadays, more and more devices are connected to the Internet. Be it alarm systems, cameras, refrigerators or heating controllers. We also analyze and secure these devices for you.

Social media

In the area of social media, we offer you the complete backup and analysis of social media profiles on a wide range of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, XING, LinkedIn etc.. This gives you a good overview on personal data like shared information, shared media, friends, networks or memberships in groups and associations.

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