Web development

LanCologne designs and programs the right web application for every use case.

We develop individual solutions together with you and base them on something crucial: Your business processes.

Interaction with customers and employees

Web applications are programs that are called up and operated via a web browser. However, the actual software does not run on the user's own PC, but on a server. This simplifies delivery, operation and central data storage. No more data carriers have to be sent and the software does not require installation. LanCologne develops web applications according to customer specifications and operates them via its own managed web hosting services. Many companies have already recognized the advantages of web applications. New software is often designed so that its users can operate it via a web browser. This makes such web-based applications completely platform-independent and allows them to be used on any end device with an Internet connection, i.e. virtually from anywhere.

Our demands on a good website are at least as high as those of our customers. You will notice this when we start working for you. Our designers and developers work together to achieve optimal results and always keep the two core ideas of a website in mind - information and communication. LanCologne therefore attaches great importance to some basic features:

  • Clear structures and unambiguous navigation
  • Individual, creative and modern design
  • Embedding in the communication strategy
  • Reasonable loading times and good usability
  • Comprehensible texts and consistent layout
  • Harmony of colors and imagery
  • Compliance with conventions and standards
  • Integration of suitable web applications
  • Compatibility with end devices and browsers
  • Measurement and analysis of user behavior
  • Search engine suitability and findability
  • Easy updating and expandability

In the area of web development we work closely with our partner TA MediaDesign Thorsten Adams. You are welcome to contact him directly if you are interested:

TA MediaDesign
Thorsten Adams

New street 26

42799 Leichlingen


++49 (0) 2175 8825-23


++49 (0) 2175 8825-24