Learn how server virtualization can greatly increase the performance of your server environment while reducing costs. Most companies have many servers on which a wide variety of operating systems and programs are installed. In some cases, systems and software only run on older hardware, and updating is technically not that easy. Maintaining these systems consumes some record amounts of money. An ideal application area for virtualization.

It helps to save equipment, so you use less energy, need fewer staff and increase reliability. Powerful servers run multiple operating systems and their associated applications in parallel. Consolidating your server environment through virtualization optimizes utilization, simplifies management, increases security and drastically reduces costs, as well as permanently rising energy costs.

Your advantages with LanCologne at a glance

  • reduced costs for hardware acquisition
  • reduced operating costs (electricity, air conditioning, space)
  • More operating efficiency and flexibility
  • Higher system availability
  • Optimized utilization of the physical server

With VMWare and Microsoft HyperV, we design and implement a highly available, cost-effective virtualization solution for your individual requirements.