Mobile forensics

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly important and are taking on an ever greater role in private and professional life. As a result, the forensic investigation of mobile devices, especially in the context of law enforcement, is also becoming increasingly relevant.

We have a specialized mobile forensics team that focuses exclusively on securing, processing and visualizing data on mobile devices.

Our forensics team can be reached at 0221 64306610.

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Our team consists of highly qualified smartphone forensics experts with extensive expertise. We use state-of-the-art hardware and software to unlock devices and decrypt data.

In addition, we are able to forensically secure mobile devices on site. This means that we take the necessary measures to ensure secure and reliable data capture directly at the point of use.

We specialize in reliable backup, processing and visualization of data in the forensic field. Our area of expertise includes comprehensive analysis of communication data, such as searching for specific documents, evaluating WhatsApp chats, Facebook data, email traffic and much more.
Thanks to various collaborations with leading companies in the field of mobile forensics, we are able to bypass complex mobile device blocking mechanisms. Whether it is pattern or code locks, we can often gain access to all data.

Our data recovery specialists are able to recover deleted data within the technical possibilities, especially in databases such as .plist or SQLite. In addition, we can often access encrypted data using state-of-the-art decryption methods.

We have extensive know-how and work closely with renowned technology partners to repair damaged mobile devices. This often makes forensic data evaluation possible again.

We are always up to date

In a constantly evolving world with a multitude of device models and operating system versions, it is essential to always be up to date. Our smartphone forensics experts have in-depth expertise and continuously keep abreast of the latest developments. Daily app versions and complex encryption technologies are part of their daily work. In addition, we always use state-of-the-art hardware and complex analysis software.

Decrypted physical extraction possible for many devices

Thanks to our cooperation with selected technology partners, we offer the option of "decrypted physical extraction" for a wide range of mobile devices. As the list of supported devices changes regularly, we will be happy to inform you about the current status upon request.

Service package 1: Extraction and interpretation

Using our process, we extract the data and interpret it to provide it to the client in an optimized format for further analysis.

Service package 2: Extraction and evaluation

We extract the data and handle the entire IT forensic analysis, including the preparation and visualization of communication data and the preparation of expert opinions.

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