WLAN specialist in Cologne


Modern wireless networks (WLAN) are a sensible alternative or supplement to the classic, wired LAN connection.

Especially in terms of security, reliability and data rate, the development of WLAN has made tremendous progress in recent years. We as your WLAN specialist in Cologne will be happy to advise you!

Whether VoIP or guest access with controlled ticket allocation - the application possibilities of scalable WLAN networks are enormous. The be-all and end-all of an optimal wireless network is thorough planning. Our certified WLAN specialists use state-of-the-art computer software to simulate the desired wireless network based on your building floor plans. In this way, we achieve the highest planning accuracy; we can tell you in advance which and, above all, how many components are needed for your WLAN network.

Even the ideal mounting positions of the required WLAN components become apparent to us during the planning phase. Our independent experts provide reliable advice on the hardware modules that are right for your personal network. It doesn't matter whether you are interested in a small-scale solution with just one or two access points, or whether you need WLAN enterprise networks spanning multiple floors.

WLAN coverage

For an optimal radio field (with maximum coverage at minimum radiation), it is essential to take into account the conditions on site. Our experts therefore carry out exact measurements at the desired location with the aid of special software and specific acess points. Among other things, the insulation properties of the various building materials and inventory are taken into account. After processing the measured data, we use our simulation software to determine the optimal positioning and number of WLAN transmitters required. This allows us to demonstrate the expected coverage of the WLAN network in advance.

Professional WLAN for your business

LanCologne is a team of specialists in the installation and support of large and complex WLAN systems. Whenever guaranteed coverage and service quality are required, the simple installation of ordinary access points is no longer sufficient. Here solutions for the questions of infrastructure, the necessary network technology, theft protection, illumination, management, monitoring and maintenance have to be answered professionally.

LanCologne services:

  • Inventory and consultation in advance
  • Conception of the required infrastructure as well as hardware
  • Test measurements before installation to ensure signal quality
  • Installation of the WLAN network with all necessary components
  • Calibration of the signal qualities after installation
  • Permanent monitoring via monitoring
  • Support and maintenance by our support team and our technicians